Businesses for Bristol Bay's partners bring a diverse perspective to the question of upholding a triple bottom line.  Many coalition members are directly tied to Bristol Bay’s sustainable wild salmon fishery, such as recreational fishing guide services, seafood harvesters and processors, restaurants and retailers.  Others, including jewelers and technology manufacturers, are potential downstream users of the minerals that currently sit under Bristol Bay’s pristine headwaters, some of the richest salmon habitat left in the world.  Coalition members also include business investors and entrepreneurs who understand that common-sense protections in Bristol Bay preserve our nation’s jobs and economic stability. 

Collectively, these companies and business leaders recognize that the proposed Pebble Mine in Bristol Bay is fiscally, environmentally, and socially irresponsible and are united in advancing the protection of Bristol Bay's future sustainability and productivity. 


Additional Businesses


Footbridge Station LLC
Castle Cape Fisheries, LLC
Duna Fisheries
Misty Fjord Seafood
Wildfish Marketing LLL
One Fish Foundation


RIDER Restaurant
Alward Fisheries LLC
F/V Christi Rob
F/V Seaboy
F/V Lady Grace
August Island Pictures
Wild Alaska Direct

Guckenheimer Enterprises Inc
F/V Cherokee LLC
Resiliensea Group LLC
Fierce American Foods
Kongsgaard-Goldman Fund
Ecofish, Inc.

Naknek Leader, LLC
Out to Sea LLC
Pioneer Alaskan Fisheries Inc.
Magic Fish Co.
Duna Fisheries
Seattle DINING!
Arctic Storm Management Group